Biofilm Eraser

Perio-Mate is used in the treatment of periodontal pockets and peri-implantitis. Avoiding injury to the soft tissues and root surfaces inside delicate periodontal pockets during cleaning procedures is crucial. The Perio-Mate’s ultrafine water spray and glycine-based Perio-Mate Powder team up to gently eradicate biofilm in periodontal pockets in just 20 seconds. Thanks to years of experience in analyzing fluid dynamics gained while developing its turbine technology, NSK has devised a safe and supremely efficient spray pressure method that enables fast, precise removal of plaque biofilm from subgingival areas.

Technology & Function



  • Model:PER-PTL-P
  • Order Code:Y1002654


  • Handpiece
  • Powder Case
  • Nozzle Tip (40 pcs.)
  • Maintenance Kit
  • Perio-Mate Powder (160 g) x 1